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by Clara Cernat & Thierry Huillet



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CD  Enesco (extracts)




CD  Bloch (extracts)





CD Turina (extracts)




CD  Recital (extracts)





CD  Dardigna (extract)



WORKS by THIERRY HUILLET (entire works, live recordings)


             Compulsary work at the Epinal International Piano Competition 2011



             Compulsary work at the Steinway Piano Competition 2012 and 2013














Clara Cernat plays the viola (entire work, live recording)



CD Piano Romantique, solo Thierry Huillet (extract)



CD Clergue, solo Thierry Huillet (entire works)

(from « Musiques ingénues »)






CD Rachmaninov, 2 pianos Thierry Huillet & Maurizio Baglini (extracts)




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